2017 Mini Sessions

I did one evening of mini sessions this year, and it was amazing! Everything flowed smoothly, the light was fabulous, it was just a ton of fun. My mini sessions are essentially Christmas card portrait updates which is all some families need so it really can be a perfect fit! What's interesting about mini's is that you can really tell how the setting sun affects the overall look of the session, giving each family their own unique look. Here is a peak at what went on.


Sacramento Sunset

I met some friends out at a beautiful park near Sacramento on a gorgeous early fall night for my first sunset session of the year. Their daughter has the most beautiful hair that quite literally was the color of the sunset. This sweet little girl has been blessed with the kindest, most patient and loving parents on the planet. It was a honor just to spend the hour with them. 


Cake Smash

I LOVE cake smashes. They are loads of fun and editing all those colors is a dream for me, but I can't offer them anymore because it means evacuating my kitchen of all people and furniture. However I definitely made an exception for a couple of cuties since I did their siblings cake smashes. This little sweetheart has a Momma who comes up with amazing cake smash decorations and matching outfits. That bow tie!! Little guy wasn't totally in love with cake or smashing but we still managed to make the smash a success and capture those beautiful eyes of his. 


Beach Time

My family went camping down at the beach. Since it was perfectly timed to my return from maternity leave I did a session for my niece who just turned 11. Part annual pictures, part new and exciting location. Everyone needs a photographer with them on a beach vacation, or maybe every photographer needs a willing subject at the beach. Either way, it was perfect!

Last session of the year!

This session got postponed many many times due to rain, and it's literally the only session I've ever had to reschedule for rain! The smiles from this sweet little girl was totally worth it, she radiates when she's being snuggled. 

Never a dull moment

Oh this family:) Keeping things unique and fun all on their own. 

October Family Pictures

 I am so thankful that this family, good friends of mine, asked me to take their pictures again this year. I can't even explain what a special opportunity it is to bond with families over the course of a session, it's just fun! Dad noted that I am a serious over-clicker, but with good reason: the pictures that elicit the most from me are the in between shots, there's just something special about capturing life as it happens. 

Taking family shots, everyone is looking at me and I accidentally lost their attention by pointing out, "Oh look, turkey's!!", it was still totally worth it. 

Annual Pictures

My 12 year old nephew took some annual pictures with me. This is my attempt at taking 'cool' pictures for a hip middle schooler!

September Family Session

Although it was an unusually hot evening for the middle of September, this family session was so enjoyable and fun. I've known Momma for awhile, but this was my first time meeting her family and I so enjoyed watching their sweet dynamic. You can definitely see it shine in the photos. 

August Family Session

When you have the problem of too many adorable pictures to choose from... Those gorgeous eyes, they ALL have them!! I had so much fun with this family, good friends of mine who happen to be such an incredibly beautiful family as well, inside and out. I need to go back to that creek, it was full of crazy beautiful color!