Cake Smash!

A few friends of my littlest have lined up cake smashes with me before I retire my studio setup for private use only. I LOVE LOVE cake smashes (so much awesome color!) and I am going to miss them till a time comes when I have a little more time/space. This little angel had the funnest color combination. She wasn't totally digging the cake, but as soon as we gave her the fork she dove right in, what a fancy little lady!!


June Family Session

For those of you who have been following along, this is my sister and her family. I do photos of my niece and nephew frequently but this is the first time I have been able to convince them to get the whole family out for a session. They're celebrating 20 years of marriage soon so I of course made them take some Mom and Dad shots. These two kids were my first photo subjects when they were babes, I'm so happy for any chance I get to continue documenting them!!


Fresh 48

I didn't actually do a Fresh 48 (a newborn less than 24 hours old, typically at the hospital) but one of my dearest friends had a baby and visitation worked in our favor, so I brought my camera like any photographer would probably do. It was fun! If my schedule was any easier I could see doing these more often!


Photo Contest Highlights

I don't normally post my personal work, since I tend to shoot in the 'anything and everything' style at home and I don't really offer that package for clients :) However I entered some work in a peer based photography contest and a few of mine did really well! I thought I'd share some.

This first image placed in the top 2% of the Children's category. It was my attempt to capture my daughters long hair when I was paranoid she might get curious and cut it herself. She still hasn't thankfully!


The rest placed in the to 10-30% in their respective categories. I had really low expectations when I entered the contest because the talent pool out there is insane so I was pretty honored to have made it as far as I did.


Sunset with a newborn

It was pure joy spending time with this special family who had just welcomed a sweet new baby girl 5 weeks prior. We waited until the last minute so baby girl could come outside for a gorgeous sunset, but early enough to get those Christmas cards made! This session was so amazing that I barely remember that sweet little baby wasn't really having it. That sun and those sweet little girls!!


Indoor/Outdoor Rainy Day

It was dark and rainy the day we had this session and there wasn't much wiggle room for rescheduling so we made the best of it! Part indoors and part outdoors. Lucky for us this family lives on large established property so there were plenty of gorgeous fall colors out. Little guy was pretty pooped so we started with some snuggle pictures and worked our way up. Indoor pictures are pretty amazing to do, I'm glad I had the opportunity!


The sun peaking out

While you aren't always promised a dramatic sunset on a cloudy day, the one thing you can get is a bright sky from the sun bouncing all over the clouds that allows for light to be found everywhere! That meant we got to explore more of this beautiful little area and we most definitely made use of it! I filled up a memory card for the first time hanging out with these delightfully fun kiddos. I sang "Let it Go" for the first time, and it was awesome. I'll sing for your kiddos. I may not sing well, but I'll still do it if they like it (pitchiness never bothered me anyway).


Fall rainbows!

I met this family for the first time this Fall on an overcast day hoping to dodge the rain and capture their gorgeous family under the fall leaves. We got the later...but we did get rained on a bit. When there is scattered rain though, there are usually rainbows! We caught the most amazing double rainbow, right after we got rained on. Let me tell you having a photographer ready, in an open clearing when a rainbow hits is an amazing moment indeed. We all gawked like little children watching it come, become vividly brilliant, and then slowly disappear. I was so happy because I always catch rainbows at home where I can never see the full arc. Yay for an amazing opportunity with great people!!

p.s. Future clients: I have zero problems shooting in the rain as long as my camera is prepared. It can be so much fun!!


October at the Lake

Apparently I missed the window of time when the lake was really full. It didn't seem much higher than last summer. However this year there is a ton of awesome drift wood scattered all over and we clearly had some fun with that. I LOVE LOVE that I get to spend time with this family every year. The girls playing in front of my camera is a highlight of my season and Mom and Dad are good friends who I love catching up with. We don't see each other as much as we used to because, kids. The lake is always amazing to shoot at. 


Sunset in the trees

I'm not going to lie, I did this session hopped up on Gatorade and chicken broth as I was recovering from the stomach flu. But this session was so magical that I felt 100% the entire time I was there! The family was fully aware and everything worked out perfect :) The light in this location was so unexpectedly amazing we were all drooling over the final pictures!